Online REST API client - simple alternative to Postman

You were given an API to work with or deployed one of your own. The story is familiar - sparse documentation. Only way to learn the intricacies is by interacting with the API - send and receive data and make sure expectation matches reality.

Or, the API is expected to behave certain way and you would like to write a few assertions or tests to make sure it doesn’t fail down the line.

Postman is a great tool which does this and lot more. However, if you just want to play with the API, write small tests and optionally monitor so that API isn’t behaving for your customers, read on.

ProAutoma’s online REST API client does this easily with an intuitive interface for the job at hand. No need to tinker with Curl and all those esoteric options!

Since we’re online, it opens up options such as run the API check from locations around the globe - USA, Europe or Asia. This is quickest way to understand the latency of your API by customer location.

Start with the Free online REST client to play with your APIs. Once you have a need to save the changes you made or monitor the API for free, you can signup for a free account for up to 50K checks per month.

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Get your ProAutoma Free Account to monitor your Website or API. 50K monthly checks are free, that is 5 sites checked every 5 minutes.

Try our Free API Tester tool to explore and test your APIs. All you need is a URL to get started.