Effortless monitoring for your API and website

Keep your API and website running smoothly with our monitoring. Our comprehensive solution provides real-time alerts and notifications, allowing you to proactively address any potential issues. Say goodbye to guesswork and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable performance.

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"I absolutely love ProAutoma! It effortlessly monitors our complex APIs and main websites, providing timely alerts that give me peace of mind. It's the perfect choice for our monitoring needs."

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Micheal Samson
DevOps at Swinsoft

Interactive API Exploration and Monitoring

Discover and interact with APIs in a new way. Set up monitors to run checks on REST, SOAP, HTTP APIs, and websites at intervals ranging from one minute to one day. Be immediately alerted about any issues that arise.


Is it Up, Down, as Expected?

Stay on top of your system's performance with our easy-to-use Dashboard. See a clear overview of your system's status and track any incidents with our detailed Activity Log.

Analytics: Uptime, Performance

Ensure the success of your business with our commitment to high availability and quick responses. Every moment matters, so trust us to keep your system running smoothly with real-time uptime and performance statistics.

Easily understand and share your service level agreements with our comprehensive reporting tools.

Tests for Success

Stay on top of your website's health with our thorough testing process. Each check is a simple, yet effective way to test for critical factors such as status codes, response bodies, and JSON structure.

Plus, never miss an SSL certificate expiration with our convenient monitoring tools.

24/7 Worldwide Monitoring and Alerts

Across the Globe

Get a global perspective on your availability and performance with checks run from 12+ locations around the world. ProAutoma's global network ensures you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Stay Alert and In-the-Know!

Stay informed of any issues with customizable alerts delivered directly to your preferred channels. Fine-tune your settings to only receive notifications during specific time periods or after a certain number of occurrences.


ProAutoma seamlessly integrates with your favorite messaging applications, allowing you to receive alerts on the channels you prefer, such as email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and PagerDuty. Stay connected and informed with ease.

Teamwork Made Easy

ProAutoma makes it easy for your team to work together and share responsibility, no matter their role. Developers, DevOps, and IT administrators can all collaborate in a single place, streamlining communication and improving efficiency.

Transparent Status Sharing

Keep your customers and teams informed with a personalized, public status webpage. ProAutoma allows you to share the latest status of selected checks, complete with your logo for added branding. Stay transparent and build trust with real-time updates.


ProAutoma's powerful, JavaScript-based programming allows you to go beyond the user interface and customize your experience. With the ability to set up custom authentication and call external web services, the possibilities are endless.