API and Website monitoring

Know before your users do

API and Website monitoring means Uptime and Performance Assurance. No more guesswork, address incidents immediately.

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"ProAutoma is just awesome. It easily monitors our complex APIs and main websites. Timely alerts give me peace of mind. Perfect choice for our monitoring needs."

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Micheal Samson
DevOps at Swinsoft

Super Easy to Get Going

Explore APIs interactively and Setup monitors. Run checks on REST, SOAP, HTTP APIs and Websites. From 1-minute to 1-day intervals. Get alerted immediately about issues.


Is it Up, Down, as Expected?

Dashboard with overall system status. Activity Log provides incident timeline.

Analytics: Uptime, Performance

Availability and prompt responses are essential for success. Every millisecond counts. Uptime and performance statistics give insights for improvements. Understand and share your SLA.

Tests for Expectations

Each check is a small test. Test for status codes, response body, JSON structure. Know when SSL certificates expire.

Global - 24x7 - Alerts

Global Locations

Run checks from 12+ global locations. Understand availability and performance by location.

Get Alerted on Issues

Get alerted on your favorite channels. Fine tune alerts to your needs, such as only when an issue happens during a time period or a certain number of times.


We integrate with many popular messaging applications to reach you. Alerts on your favorite channels like Email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty etc.

Work as a Team

Collaborate with your team members and share the responsibility by role. Developers, DevOps and IT administrators have a single place to share.

Share Status with Customers

Publish a public status webpage for your customers or teams. Anybody can see the latest status for the selected checks. Personalize status with your Logo.


Programmable by JavaScript snippets to go beyond UI. Ability to setup custom authentication and calls to external web services.